Activision ‘Skylanders’

Creating 'Toys-to-Life' brings a brand back to life.


No 1 toy for 2 consecutive years after launch
175M units sold
$3B brand for Activision
75% ‘Toys-to-Life’ sales are Skylanders



Activision’s share of the gaming market was eroding due to increased competition, and changing play patterns. Today’s players were looking for new technology.



In 2011 market research was clearly showing a change in the way kids played,  handheld devices and apps took hold.

In response, Creata worked closely with Activision, taking a 20 year old gaming property; Skylanders, and deployed an emerging technology to create a new gaming experience and category ‘Toys-to-Life’. Skylanders was the first RFID enabled, collectible, gaming toy.