People Focused Promotions

Knowing what motivates people to play is what sets Creata apart. This insight is key. We understand the kind of play the consumer will connect with and how to create promotions that engage them. We know that by capturing their imagination we can encourage positive interaction with the brand through their participation in the promotion. We have the results to prove it.

Engaging Experiential Ideas

Strong experiential campaigns give brands the opportunity to engage, entertain and educate consumers across multiple channels. Our ideas create memorable and effective brand experiences that drive action. Experiencing a brand in a positive, unexpected and interesting way creates the physical proof point of what a brand communicates to its target market. Done well, it should leave an indelible mark.

Playsearch™ proprietary research

Understanding how consumers want to play, or interact with brands, is at the very heart of our business. Our unique experience and insights into the way human behaviour responds to play, inspires our ideas and creates effective marketing solutions for our clients. Our extensive research continually uncovers the essence of what makes play work and reveals how playing, as a universal truth, can be applied to all ages, ethnicities and socio-economic circumstances. Finding ways for brands to connect physically and emotionally with people is a proprietary tool Creata puts into practice every day.

Critical digital extension

It goes without saying that campaigns need to excel and engage online to further enhance the customer experience. Enabling further meaningful engagement and extending the campaign beyond first phase interaction drives budgets further. Whether it be an event, a promotion or a branded product, the digital experience must connect and inspire to add value and interest to the activation. Creata have the digital capabilities to get this job done. Our team specialises in concepting and creating digital tools; from brand apps that interact with toys, to mobile capture of leads, microsites, promotional entry and prizing platforms.

Sampling to remember

There is nothing quite as effective as putting your product directly into the consumer’s hands. Encouraging trial, ranks among the most effective direct marketing tactics. Whether the sampling be mass or highly targeted, we take it to the next level by creating ideas that bring sampling and consumer engagement together. This not only puts your brand in the right hands, but gives the consumer the right message to remember.

Effective sponsorship leverage

Whether your logo is emblazoned across national sports jerseys or your brand generously supports charity, the job of leveraging your sponsorship requires specialist expertise. Unlocking the real value of sponsorship investment means unearthing and understanding consumer insights and fully utilising market knowledge. Through events, experiential campaigns, content creation, and lead generation, Creata can manage your sponsorship opportunities to ensure they truly deliver on the promise of your brand.

Popular brand products

For more than 30 years Creata has been the brains behind branded ‘play things’ for McDonald’s Happy Meals, globally. A marketing success story that mixes fun, creativity, popular culture and targeted, strategic partnerships that connect with their customers. Our experience, using the most current digital product technology, in-house supply chain controls and access to the world’s most effective manufacturers, means we can deliver a successful solution at any scale your brand demands.

Professional licensing partnerships

Successful licensing partnerships need to be a precise fit for both parties, to create value for your brand and drive sales. Finding the right partner for your brand takes experience, as does leveraging your association and investment to realise its full revenue potential. Creata has extensive experience working with some of the world’s biggest entertainment licenses. We specialise in partner selection, agreements and content rights negotiations.