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McDonald's Monopoly

The only thing more exciting than winning, is winning while having fun. Which is exactly what McDonald’s has been doing for their customers year after year after year.

Designed as part of McDonald’s business turnaround initiative in 2013, the program needed to deliver significant sales growth. Creata devised a simple solution: we leveraged our deep expertise in Play and brought it to life through the famous McDonald’s Monopoly promotion, giving millions of customers the chance to participate and win every year.

The 2013 promotion was so successful, McDonald’s decided to repeat it in 2014, when the format was completely redesigned to make the playing experience even easier, even faster, and even more fun to play.

Each year, the game was further refined, bringing new surprises to the experience: a mobile app that allowed a new level of gameplay and instant reward, bigger and better prize pools, as well as integrating new product releases during the game to keep customers coming back after the promotion ended.

The 2019 Monopoly performed well above expectations (yet again) delivering:

- The biggest prize pool ever in Monopoly, with over 69 million prizes
- 3.5 million users downloaded the Monopoly app, an increase of 1 million over 2018
- 55 million tickets were scanned into the app

Having demonstrated consistently superior outcomes year after year, it came as no surprise when IMI evaluated McDonald’s Monopoly as being “Best in Class” as the program continues to show exactly how Play can make buying fun and help marketers win the retail game.

Engagement Strategy, Concept Design | Licensing Negotiation | Prize Pool Negotiation | Game Production | Interactive Design and Production | Game Security | Product Integration Management

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