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Big Night In

Every retail marketer has to deal with the natural cycles of the annual retail calendar. Woolworths had their Big Night In promotion to help during the cooler winter months, however, it was time for a refresh. Woolworths were looking to evolve the program to create a promotion that would drive stronger customer resonance and sales uplift and reached out to Creata for help.

Creata proposed an overhaul of the prizing strategy to tap into known promotional drivers as well as customers’ need states at this time of year. Why not celebrate that time at home instead of longing for something that was far away? A big night at the movies on your own big screen at home? A pamper pack? Or some good old fashioned fun and games around the home with family or friends?

Two different prize packs were developed to reflect this: the 'Party Pack' and the 'Play Pack', each packed full of great prizes to enjoy time at home. This structure allowed customers to choose their prize bundle, helping to further drive appeal.

This prizing strategy was further evolved in subsequent years, while still tapping into salient, season-based consumer need-states. In 2021, we went further with simplified prizing messaging and a more frictionless promotional engagement process, from purchase through to fulfilment.

Despite Big Night In launching at the start of most states major lockdowns, the 2021 results easily beat all previous benchmarks, delivering:

- High single digital increase in y/y sales
- Double digital increase in y/y program partner involvement
- High double-digit increase in y/y entries, far surpassing all previous numbers

These simple evolutionary steps enabled Woolworths to make the most of not just the cooler months, but also the months impacted by the unpredictability of pandemic-related restrictions.

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