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Coca-Cola FIFA World Cup

Major consumer brands are often the target of consumer backlash when they’re perceived to be on the wrong side of any particular community issue. And Coca-Cola was no exception.

As a major supplier of beverages in plastic bottles, they were very aware of the growing issue of plastics and the environment. However, simply removing plastics from bottled drinks is a lot easier said than done.

They needed to do something tangible and visible to consumers all around the world to demonstrate that Coca-Cola does indeed take the issue of plastics and the environment seriously and is continuously looking at ways to do more.

Enter the World Cup – the world’s most viewed sporting event. As an official sponsor, Coke wanted to find a way to tap in to the potential awareness opportunity, while at the same time being true to both the Coke brand as well as the spirit of the World Cup.

The idea was to create a global merchandise range incorporating a unique 'green' positioning. With just 40 days from brief to sign-off, developing and sourcing a range of merchandise was also a lot easier said than done even without the 'green' challenge added in.

Creata worked through our diversified, international supply chain as well as directly with factory owners themselves in order to create a solution.

In the end, we managed to invent a truly remarkable outcome: a mass-produced soccer ball that would be made from 3 recycled Coke bottles. This unique innovation was complemented with a T-shirt made from recycled thread from bottles as well as a ‘green’ Vuvuzela.

The merchandise allowed football fans around the world to interact and play with Coke’s environmental efforts, while at the same time being absolutely true to nature and immense value of the World Cup sponsorship.

Not only did Play help make Coca-Cola a memorable part of the World Cup, it helped demonstrate their genuine commitment to environmental issues.

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