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Discovery Garden

Springtime is for new beginnings and fresh discoveries, and what better way to align with this than give winners the chance to discover a beautiful piece of Australia they may never have the opportunity to see.

To leverage the Woolworths Spring Gardening collectable program in September 2019, we developed a prize pool to help celebrate the season. Tapping into the appeal of offering freedom of choice, winners selected from one of ten beautiful Australian destinations to discover.

The 'Discover the Great Outdoors' promotion ran across 6 weeks. With a new winner every day, the promotion had a total of 42 winners. Each winner took three lucky guests on holiday to their most appealing destination.

Along with the full promotional administration, we managed winner verification, selection of destinations and marketing imagery. We were responsible for travel and accommodation fulfillment across ten unique locations, including exclusively arranged activities. Ultimately enabling 168 people to 'Discover the Great Outdoors' with thanks to Woolworths.

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