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Kellogg's Special K Activity Tracker

With many loyal customers having faith in Kellogg’s Special K® to deliver a healthy breakfast choice, Creata was challenged to find new ways to boost sales by appealing to consumers who were looking for ways to live a healthier life in the new year.

Consumer mindsets had already started to shift away from the simplicity of “weight loss” and negative imagery connected with such a message. People were moving to a more evolved “body-positive” mindset and placing greater value on products and services that empower them by championing strength, confidence, and positivity as pathways to a healthier life.

To tap into this well-being trend, Creata developed a solution to encourage more “doing” and less “doubting” in the form of a high perceived-value digital activity tracker.

The Special K® activity tracker quickly sold out, demonstrating how a simple, relevant approach to customer’s health and well-being could directly translate into healthier sales figures and a better brand promise.

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