McDonald’s McPlay app

Future proofing Happy Meal play.


No.1 App Store (Kids 6-8) 6 times in last 12 months
6+ minutes average brand engagement
20M+ sessions in last 12 months



Children’s play is changing, in 2013 McDonald’s USA tasked Creata to look at digital play, and how we could bring a more contemporary offering to kids that seamlessly integrated with their existing with Happy Meal toy program.



With our ‘Playsearch™’ insights to draw upon, we knew the approach we needed was to embrace the growing ‘toys-to-life’ category we had successfully developed for Activision.

Doing that within the Happy Meal price point was the challenge. Our digital team invented and prototyped a ‘toy recognition’ technology small enough to be embedded in an app. It created an affordable way to magically connect toys and bring them to life in digital play.