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CUB Match To Win

Two of largest brands in beer did the unthinkable: they teamed up for a cross-brand promotion. Victoria Bitter and Carlton Draught not only planned their first-ever promotional tie-up, they set the bar high with the largest promotional undertaking ever.

The idea was simple: match bottle caps from either brand to win.

The practicalities of bringing this simple idea to life were a little more complicated. Special codes were printed on the inside of bottle caps inside specially marked cases of VB and Carlton Draught. And while printing codes inside bottle caps is nothing ground-breaking, this promotion required a combination of unique, generic, and re-usable codes to deliver on the promotion’s objectives.

The codes also had to be designed/configured bearing in mind brand sales tracking, but also provide a seamless experience for customers.

Code entry into the promotion was managed by a website we built that included a secure digital wallet to store beer lover’s cap codes.

Additional considerations had to be catered to in the game mechanics design such as the restriction to awarding a prize no more than twice weekly per entrant for some states, but not others.

Through a great partnership with the team at Traffik, we helped bring to life a great promotional idea that united beer lovers across the country.

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