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Marvel Heroes

With more mouths to feed, families are big supermarkets’ most valuable customer segment. Which is why Woolworths invested considerable efforts in trying to engage them consistently and effectively. Unfortunately, their collectibles program for families was delivering inconsistent results.

We analysed the past performances of those programs as well as their design and provided insight as to why this was happening. The reason was clear - the value of Play was inconsistently applied across the different programs.

To remedy this, we proposed a completely different approach which was purposely designed to drive customer demand by integrating multi-level play design in to the collectible. The chosen form was a series of connectable discs: kids could connect them, swap them, play Trump-style and memory games with them, as well as scan them in to a mobile app to take their 3D connect-and-create play in to a virtual environment.

The discs needed something more to really bring parents and kids together and appeal to the whole family – the right licensed property. Different options were explored and ultimately the ascent and currency of Marvel Entertainment was chosen as the right license for the task. Their well-known characters allowed parents to share their childhood memories of Marvel comics with their kids’ experience of the Marvel universe of today.

Not only did the program deliver “unprecedented kid-driven demand” with over 100 million discs earned through purchase in just 6 weeks, it drove significant sales and shopping visit growth, generated real school playground currency, as well as becoming a leading topic of national news coverage.

The program also delivered something well beyond its formal objectives – something all family marketers strive for: it brought families together, generating positive shared family memories.

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