Getting from great ideas to engagement at scale as fast as possible cannot be done without drawing upon the breadth of capabilities we’ve assembled over the years.


How do we do it? A can-do attitude, collaborating with a trusted global network built over 40 years, a tailored approach to every client and using our proprietary Play Studio process to create solutions that deliver measurable results.


Using emergent marketing technologies paired with human truth-based insights and experience, we design and build programs smart enough to shift the dial while scaled to any business or budget need, yet always demonstrating measurable results. The innovation and creativity under one roof is infinite and in nearly 50 years, we’ve managed to create, develop and deliver quite the smorgasbord of accomplishments that include:

Developing the McDonalds Happy Meal.

Instigating the 1st Collectible Program in Australia.

Masterminding a Beatles-based Animated Series for Netflix.

Winning at Monopoly around the World.

Riding the Roller Coaster of Entertainment Properties and Theme Parks.

Engineering Activisions Invention of the Toys to Life Category.

Leading in Licensing, Rights Management, Content Creation and Production.