Big Night In

Every retail marketer has to deal with the natural cycles of the annual retail calendar. When customers simply reduce their spending because of a particular time of the year it’s always a challenge to turn those sales figures around.


Should you invest more during these times? Or is it smarter to simple move the marketing dollars to times when there’s more hay to be made?


Instead of running from their winter sales downturn challenge, Woolworths embraced it: afterall, every winter cloud has its silver lining. You just have to look and think hard enough.


They questioned whether or not their Big Night In promotion format was really resonating with customers. Was the promotion’s strategy and structure right? Were overseas holiday the right prizes? Or should the program be rethought?

In 2019, Woolworths chose the latter and asked Creata for help.

We proposed an overhaul of the prizing strategy to really tap in to known promotional drivers as well as customers’ need states at this time of year. Why not celebrate that time at home instead of longing for something that was far away? A big night at the movies on your own big screen at home? A gourmet meal served in your own home? Or some good old fashioned fun and games around the home with family or friends?

Two different prize packs were developed to reflect this: the 'Party Pack' and the 'Play Pack', each packed full of great prizes to enjoy time at home. This structure allowed customers to choose their prize bundle, helping to further drive appeal. This prizing strategy became the key communication piece both in-store and in paid media.

Over 7 weeks, 49 daily winners were drawn, helping to drive supermarket spend, counter the natural winter sales decline, and helping families and friends to enjoy more time at home during the cold winter months.

2020 saw the 2019 ideas evolved to offer consumers the opportunity to pick their own prizes best suited to their needs and while still maintaining the same premise: the best night out is a Big Night In with Woolworths, family and friends.

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