Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tour

Parents place great value on the quality of their children’s well-being, which is why Woolworths developed their Fresh Food Kids platform. Designed as a framework to help improve childhood diets over the long term, it quickly drew high levels of appreciated from parents around Australia. Unfortunately, it lacked any meaningful connection with their kids.

Woolworths wanted to help kids learn more about healthier eating with a school excursions program, however, despite positive feedback they struggled to convince educators to give up valuable school time for the tours.

Creata were asked for ideas. We proposed redesigning the experience to ensure it was anchored in the Australian curriculum's Health and Physical Education (HPE) strand so that the Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours could be marketed as a genuine, curriculum-aligned learning resource.

The experience was structured as a combination of instructional and play-based learning design. This allowed important nutritional information to be taught, while kids participated in nutrition-based card games, and gave educators the resources they needed to assess student comprehension and performance against the defined set of learning objectives.

Educators quickly saw that the time out of school would be a learning investment with kids able to learn about healthier eating in a familiar, relevant environment. As a result:

- Over 300 school signed up in the first month
- 3,600 school booked tours in just 6 months and as at December 2019 (rested due to COVID-19) over 6,500 tours have been conducted throughout Woolworth’s stores since program inception.
- Providing over 259,360 children with a healthy eating learning experience

Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tours continue to play their part in positively impacting the dietary behaviour of Aussie kids. Whilst rested due to COVID-19, Fresh Food Kids Discovery Tour will remain an on-going educational platform in Woolworths stores across Australia. And as for their parents… their appreciation of Woolworths’ efforts to improve their kids’ diets grows even healthier every day.

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