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Taronga Zoo

With lockdowns putting all key revenue streams on ice, Taronga Zoo used the period to re-examine their key loyalty program Zoo Friends. They invited Creata to propose support for a revamped program structure – one that puts kids as the centre of the program – together with associated experiences for the key family market.

As kids progressed through primary school and aging up out of regular zoo visits, we provided insight into the fact their interest in wildlife and its protection did not diminish as their memberships dropped away. Quite the contrary, upper primary schoolers put wildlife conservation and protection of the planet as one of their highest concerns.

The real issue was how to engage kids more effectively as they grow up during this rapidly changing part of their lives.

Creata developed a targeted engagement framework addressing the key drivers of kids in the key development stages – from their first visits (typically as a toddler/pre-schooler) to their later primary years – ensuring that each age segment was engaged in a manner that is specifically relevant to them.

Specific programs for each segment were also developed, all explicitly supporting Taronga’s wildlife education and conservation efforts. Additionally, we made sure all content was “curriculum-aware” so as to align with the various school programs the zoo offers for the important education market.

We also ensured best-in-class digital privacy standards, going well beyond existing Australian privacy regulations to ensure kids privacy was paramount and parents and educators potential concerns would be more than put at ease.

Our work laid the foundations to help engage, educate and inspire new generations of conservation enthusiasts so we can all enjoy a world full of wildlife wonder.

The Results: Targeted for roll-out in 2022, the program framework outcomes are due to be updated on a quarterly basis... stay tuned!

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